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MONDAYS 6:30PM - 7:20PM

Pilates for runners is all about getting you to move better and more efficiently. This can help to reduce the risk of injury, get rid of niggles and support running performance.

This class is suitable for men and women who are already active, take part in sport a few times a week and don't have any current significant injuries. You can be a recreational runner or an elite runner and this class will cater for you.

We will focus on a mixture of specific strength and movement control work, mobility work and stretches with a focus on what is most important for runners.

If you are brand new to exercise, try out the mixed ability mat work class as a starter, and if you are recovering from injury please get in touch first to check this class is suitable for you.

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These classes are the same as our usual mixed ability classes on Great Western Park, but have moved online as a result of COVID-19.

You will be emailed a recording of the live class so if you can't make it, or would like to repeat classes later in the week, you can!

The classes are at a discounted price to account for being unable to offer 'hands-on' feedback during classes. New members are welcome, however please contact me first so I can ensure that an online class will be suitable for you.


"Jenny's pilates classes are stimulating and informative. With an educational explanation throughout, Jenny provides a non-stop hour of exercises which challenge muscles you didn't even know you had. By the end, instead of feeling exhausted, one feels energised. I can recommend Jenny's classes!"

Marian Shaw

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